There are times in life when we can feel overwhelmed, worried and confused, or are finding it hard to make a decision. As couples we can reach 'crunch points' in our relationships. It can really help to talk things through with someone who is outside your network and who will keep your confidence.

No problem is too insignificant or embarrassing; if it is affecting you, then let's work on it together. At the first session we will look back over your life to make sense of how you have arrived at this point. Clients often say how helpful they find this. We will then decide together how to proceed with the sessions.

I offer individual and couples counselling, and supervision for counsellors.

I am experienced in working with individuals and couples on a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship difficulties, stress, lack of assertiveness and low self-esteem, child sexual abuse and anger management. 

I am trained in different interventions and therapeutic approaches, including CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Psychodynamic, and Person-Centred. These approaches have been found to be effective with a wide range of symptoms and can be used for short, problem-focused work or for longer-term psychotherapy.